Research Group Members

Group Leader

Adele Igel

Associate Professor
Email: aigel
About: DOE ASR Profile

Graduate Students

Nathan Pope

Research Topic: Fog
Email: nhpope


Hallie Pimperl

Research Topic: Aerosol-induced invigoration
Email: hepimperl

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Undergraduate Students

Lindsay Nash

Madeleine Dawes

Past Students

Arthur Hu

Research Topic: AMP
Email: azqhu


Lucas Sterzinger

Dissertation: Ice, Liquid, and Aerosol: Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties and Processes in Regional and Large Eddy Simulations


Shuang (Lea) Tong

Thesis: Impacts of Aerosol Concentration on the Dissipation of Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds


Amy Yu

Thesis: An Investigation of Mechanisms of Aerosol-Induced Invigoration in Deep Convection


Nick Falk

Abbey Williams




Evan Harris